Melting Chocolate Pudding

250g unsalted Butter
5 eggs
5 egg yolks
125g caster sugar
250g 70% Dark Chocolate
50g Plain flour

6 small pudding moulds

Heat oven to 180C

Cooking time 10 to 15 minutes

In a bowl whisk together the eggs, yolks and sugar until pale.
Meanwhile melt the chocolate and butter gently in a bowl set over a pan of hot water.
Remove the chocolate from the heat and slowly add to the egg mixture, beating until it is smooth.  Then carefully fold in the flour.
Pour the mixture into pre-buttered moulds before it begins to firm up.
Allow to chill – preferably overnight.
To cook place into a preheated oven at 180C for 10 to 15 minutes – the centre should form a dome and feel dry to touch.
Turn out and serve with vanilla ice-cream, or whipped cream or creme fraiche.

If you wish when filling the pudding moulds, stop halfway and put a couple of fresh raspberries in the middle then finish pouring in the chocolate mixture.