This Christmas, as we are having the family round to Barley Bree, I thought we’d take advantage of our well stocked bar, and whip up a little pre-dinner cocktail.  And the dry, zingy flavor of Negroni strikes me as the perfect way to get your taste buds going before a big Christmas lunch.

The beauty is that it is so simple to make, and even if you are having a crowd round, you could mix up a big jug beforehand, then just add ice as you serve individually.  At Barley Bree we use Bombay Sapphire but there is such a huge choice of gins out there just pick your favourite – make sure it has a good strong flavor of botanicals – I think this year I am going to use Rock Rose, as you don’t want the Campari to overpower the taste of gin.


25 ml of gin (your choice)

25 ml Campari (or Aperol)

25ml Sweet Red Vermouth (we use Martini Rosso, but you can use Cinzano Rosso, or Punt e Mes)

Slice of orange

Use a short glass, whisky tumbler or similar, fill with ice, then add 1 measure of each spirit, give it a good stir and pop in a slice of orange, or blood orange

Make sure you have some olives or breadsticks to nibble on, and probably a bottle of Prosecco in the fridge for the Campari haters…  Cincin!