Oxford and Sandy Pigs


Four female piglets arrived in Muthill at just 6 weeks old in 2017, they originated from Barnsnap Champion herd of Pedigree Oxford and Sandy Black Pigs in West Sussex, with a view to increase the rare breed numbers here in Scotland, and to create a greater geographical distance from their original genetic bloodline when breeding with them.

The animals graze all year round outside in woodland and in a grass paddock, rooting around as pigs are meant to do and creating their own delightful muddy wallows. Their feed is non-GM and they enjoy over a tonne of homegrown apples every autumn.

We are delighted to be able to try out the meat here – it fits perfectly with our idea of local, free-range, field to fork ethos and so Fabrice has been up to his elbows in pork in various forms – some a bit experimental – and some more traditional, remembered from helping his grandparents on their farm many years ago.


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