Wedding lunch

Barley Bree the perfect wedding venue

Example menu

 Wedding lunch for 24 at Barley Bree

Leek & Potato Soup, Flaked Peat-Smoked Haddock

Glamis Asparagus, Slow Cooked Duck Egg, Wild Garlic, Parma Ham

Scallops and Mussels, Soba Noodles, Coriander, Chili, Bok Choi, Wasabi Broth


Saddle of Perthshire Lamb, Served with Polenta, Broad Beans & Peas, Baby Artichoke, Mint, Jus

Pan-fried Sea Bream Fillet, Harissa & Spring Onion Fregola Pasta, Fennel, Lemon Jelly


Vanilla Pannacotta, Rosewater Jelly, Orange, Sorbet

Dark Chocolate Nemesis, Clotted Cream, Griottines